KSHE Basin Mixer Set – Matte Black



KSHE Mixer Sets Are The Most Water Efficient In The Market – Double The Pressure @ Only 6.5 litres Per Minute!

“If you liked the Ecohead then you will love the KSHE Shower Head!”

How Much Water Are You Using? Shower heads are not created equal. Important to note is that the water efficiency rating is completed in conjunction with the flick mixer it is used with. If shower heads are placed with a more inefficient flick mixer than the water rating of use will change and actually increase the water consumption needed for operation.

KSHE Mixer Sets have an accurate rating @ 6.5 litres per minute and our shower heads are tested with the flick mixers supplied. Our shower head offers a sensational experience for both stylists that enhances colour and treatments results while saving time, increasing water pressure all while reducing water usage and saving energy.

Designed specifically for professional hair salons, this product is promised to maximize results with minimum effort all while reducing your environmental footprint.

Is Your Tap Ware Australian Approved?

Australian legislation requires all fixed salon basins to be installed with an Australian-approved tap ware set and fitted by a fully qualified licensed plumber in accordance with the regulations set out by all local & regional authorities.

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