Joiken Hi Speed - Wall Processor


HI-SPEED is a machine totally designed and produced around the needs of the hairdresser. It seems obvious but it is not. Many products, in fact, are equipped with electronic, software and mechanic solutions that nothing add to the performance but that make the use more complicated and the reliability lower. The aim of HI-SPEED was to make the use simple and immediate and we have reached it by concentrating all the set ups in a single command and by designing a very clear information display. But we did not consider that enough: we worked to make the machine suitable to be used for different works by adopting powerful fans in each heating point and by creating a 3 step scale for the ventilation, we considered the energetic issue by supplying the hairdresser with the possibility to use the machine partially whenever required switching off some of the heating points, we thought about safety and used a 99 minutes timer. HI-SPEED is a machine simple to be used but extremely performing and functional. Technology becomes a friend and places itself at disposal of the hairdresser to serve and help.


• Digital function control panel • Suitable for Perming, Colouring, Bleaching, Treatments, Drying • User friendly single knob • 99Min timer • 5 Fans with 3 x speeds • 3 Heaters with 3 x independent heating groups • 220v – 240v • 50 – 60hz • 1430w • Made in Italy

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