Immortal Infuse Dragons Blood leave in hair and beard spray 350ml – Fuji Mountain


Every now and then a product comes along and is not only a pleasure to use it also has so many uses you just don’t expect. There seems to be nothing this product can do (well apart from cutting hair by itself!), is great for shaving, moisturizing the skin, apply to dirty (or dry) hair and it will make it easier to cut, apply to a dry scalp to help with dandruff, apply it to the hair after cutting to help with a dry scalp and to enhance how your styling product works.

Thanks to the ingredient of dragon’s blood derived from Peruvian trees also known as croton lechleri, provides a strong barrier effect on the hair and beard and, helps naturally moisturize.

Feels silky. Helps easily shape the hair and beard. Your hair and beard easily threaded and combed. Helps bring a brighter and vivid look to your hair and beard. Less static on the hair and beard.

How To Apply: Shake the products until the two phases are mixed with each other. Apply on the lengths and ends of wet or dry hair and beard. Do not rinse.

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