Gamma+ Absolute Hitter


Gamma+ Absolute Hitter GPAHTSM Cordless Trimmer Custom Body Kits Matte Edition   FAST FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING  


  • Highest quality black diamond carbon DLC blade stays cooler, rust free, and sharper longer

  • Fully adjustable blade can easily zero gapped for the closest cut and finish

  • Additional housing options for 12 different modifications

  • Supercharged rotary motor cuts through any hair type in a single tap

  • Lithium-Ion battery delivers 240 minutes of run-time with a 2 hour rapid charge

  • Removable drop top option for skeleton style design to expose the blade for cooler operation, better sight line, and enhanced precision

  • Universal mini USB charger for worldwide use

  • Includes: Charging stand, mini usb cord, 3 guards, and cleaning/maintenance kit

  • Convenient mini screw driver keychain for blade regulation and custom body modifications

  • Silver, Pink, Gold Body Kits

  • Matte Edition

  • Honed Blade Sharper & Smoother

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