Floractive Moringa Oil 60ml



Known in its home country India as the “Tree of Life” or the “Superfood Tree”, Moringa Oil is used for various cell regeneration treatments. Excellent thermal protector, pre and post brush/flat iron. A unique and indispensable product in salons and in the daily lives of those who want their hair always well protected. Approximately 10 times lighter than Argan oil and with rapid absorption.

Active principle the moringa has:

  • 15x more potassium than a banana

  • 17x more calcium than milk

  • 25x more iron than spinach

  • 10x more vitamin A than carrots

  • 4x more protein than eggs

  • Almost the same amount of vitamin C as an orange

In hair, all this becomes a powerful antioxidant, protective against pollution, chlorine, seawater, sun, among other external agents that damage the hair. Unparalleled nutrition, prevention against split ends and strand aging, hair treated all the time.

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