ANDIS Slimline Pro Li Trimmer D8 Sugar Skull Design


Bring more Andis tools into your toolbox. The Andis Slimline Pro Li trimmer in the ‘Sugar Skull’ design is a nicely balanced, ergonomic trimmer that’s good for a variety of functions, including outlining, designing, and dry shaving. It has a lightweight design that makes it very easy to use for long periods of time. The powerful rotary motor is strong enough for any job you throw at it. The Slimline Pro Li has a lithium ion battery that can run for two hours and only needs two hours and fifteen minutes for charging. It comes equipped with a close cutting T blade that can be zero gapped. Since it’s made by Andis, you know that the quality is high and professional grade. It’s strong and dependable, which is just what you want in the tools in your toolbox. Pick this jack of all trades up and bring it into your arsenal.

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