Andis Fasttrim Ear and Nose Trimmer


Nose trimmers can be the cheap models you pick up as an afterthought at the drug store. Or you can buy one that has the same substance as your other hair tools. The NT-2 nose trimmer from Andis is a top of the line nose trimmer that will last. It can safely trim nose or ear hair, or any other dangling hair that needs a quick nip (ie: eyebrows). The recessed cutting blades are safer than scissors and get into small areas much easier. It’s cordless, running on one AA battery that’s included, so you don’t need to worry about managing a cord around a customer in a chair. The surgical stainless steel blades rinse clean easily under running water. They’re rust resistant, so they’ll last you a good long while. Andis backs that up with a five year warranty, so you know this is a trimmer that’s meant to last.

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